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Importance message testing in market research

The Importance of Message Testing in Market Researchshare

24 MAR, 2021

Marketing is a continuous process for any organization. The days of relying on traditional marketing strategies are long gone and digital marketing has been all the rage in the last few years. Thanks to the ever-changing nature of the Industry, new methods and procedures are being innovated to study markets and understand customers.

Businesses want to gain a definite edge over competitors by providing customers with personalized services. Quality, speed, and efficiency are some factors that top the list. Getting traction with the target audience gains critical importance and with the kind of information overload plaguing consumers today, messaging to that audience becomes even more critical. It comes as no surprise then that message testing is more important than ever before, as brands struggle to keep the mind space of their potential audience.

But what is message testing? How does it help businesses keep the interest of their target audiences? What are the ways to conduct message testing? How do you Find a Message Testing Market Research Firm that can help you identify the pulse of your customer? We will try to answer some of these questions in this blog.

Message testing helps marketers determine what their customers and potential customers are thinking. It is a way for businesses to decode what messages will resonate best with their target audience and get them to take notice.

Message testing can make or break a product and that is precisely why companies spend 10s of thousands of dollars on message testing. Messages are usually tested using real customers and real experiences such that your marketing message is one that people will connect with. Consequently, if you want to create powerful, compelling messages for your company’s products, the information gained during message testing can be very valuable.

But how does one go about message testing? While many market research companies offer message testing, not all of them use artificial intelligence. Still a new application in the Market Research industry, machine learning and AI can result in significant improvement in message testing accuracy.

The leading market research firm has come up with a three-step message testing cycle that conducts primary and secondary market research, analyzes the data, and helps businesses optimize the messages. This ensures a very significant return on investment. Efficient messaging is critical to expand into new markets and increase profits.

How can we counter Proportionality Bias?

  1. Message Predictor
    Why waste time and money on survey forms, identifying respondents, and doing a whole lot of fieldwork? The software uses DNLU (Deep Natural Language Understanding) algorithms to analyze heuristics in the language.  The proprietary software can be customized for each product/service category or brand. Instead of relying on weeks and months of survey and analysis by humans, brands can now use the software to get even better results in just a few days.
  2. Message Explorer
    What affects consumer behavior? What triggers them to act in a certain way? What are the non-conscious drivers of appeal for consumers that play a major role in the final decision that they make?  The software uses the Wheel of Emotions and behavior rating scale to identify the triggers. This helps in using the exact words/ phrases in the messages that will trigger or refrain from triggering certain emotions. A perfectly worded message can be a game-changer for any business.
  3. Message Optimizer
    What is the best message a business has sent to its customers? Which channels should be leveraged for a particular target audience? When is the right time to send the messages, and which format should be they be framed in? Message optimizer provides answers to these questions and more.  Businesses need to find a Message Testing Market Research Firm that uses the latest technology to reduce the time, money, and effort put into market research. The benefits of a sensible ROI cannot be overstated for surviving in this competitive landscape.

The call of the hour is to stay one step ahead of the competitors without incurring additional expenses in the process. Message testing can be simple, easy, fast, efficient, and cost-effective when a business can identify the right service provider. Contact to schedule an appointment and run a free trial!