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Newristics is famous for message optimization using behavioral science and AI

Behavioral Science-based messaging is the difference between playing vs. winning the game

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DSAT: A machine built just for message optimization

  • DatabasesHeuristics-based messaging databases
  • ScienceBehavioral science-based messaging expertise
  • AlgorithmsDeep learning algorithms for ai-based messaging
  • TechnologyAgile technology adapted for messaging workstreams.

Newristics optimizes every step of the messaging cycle.

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  • Message Development

    Message Development

  • Message Testing

    Message Testing

  • Message Delivery

    Message Delivery

  • Message Performance

    Message Performance

Newristics' behavioral science-based messaging suite has first-in-class products for all your messaging needs.

  • Message Development

    • AiGILE Insights
    • AiGILE Messaging
    Automation Service
  • Message Testing

    • CMP (Choose Message Predictor)
    • CME (Choose Message Explorer)
    • CMO (Choose Message Optimizer)
    Primary Research
    + Machine Research
  • Message Delivery

    • XEKUTE
      Segment-Based Messaging
    Primary Research
    + Predictive Machine Learning
    + Marketing Service
  • Message Performance

    • KRISTL
      Performance Scorecard
    Predictive Machine
    Learning Service

newristicsproducts are designed to be EASY.

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    • Standardized deliverables

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messaging cycle
  • Agency Partners

  • Market Researchers

  • Multi-channel Marketers

  • Brand Marketers

  • Marketing Science

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  • member

    I have been working with behavioral science companies for a decade now and you guys are totally unique.

    Director, Behavioral Insights, Fortune 300 company
  • member

    The Newristics research really helped to shape the best possible messaging story for our brand in a very competitive category.

    Brand Marketing Lead, Top 10 Pharma
  • member

    This is absolutely over the top wonderful. Those are the best words I can find, but still inadequate.

    Marketing Director, Top 5 global NGO
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    Thanks to you, our new advertising was ranked in the top decile on all 5 metrics. That has never happened in 35 years!

    Marketing Director, #1 OTC brand

Don’t use Newristics unless you are 100% confident.

  • World’s largest database of 660+ heuristics, supported by academic research.
  • The only algorithm to predict the dominant decision heuristics for any product category.
  • Discovered more new heuristics and biases than any other entity in the world, including Nobel Laureates.
  • The first and only company to heuristicize messages with the world’s largest team of trained heuristicians.
  • The largest database of 100,000s of heuristicized messages across 100+ product categories.
  • The only etymological database of 2.7 million heuristics-based words and phrases.
  • The largest database of 2.4 million data points from heuristics-based message testing research.
  • The only company with deep learning algorithms that can score messages predictively.
  • The only company with algorithms to reverse engineer heuristics embedded in a message.
  • Newristics messaging has been proven 2-5X superior in 100+ studies (market research and in-market).
  • Top 10 out of 10 pharma companies consistently use Newristics' messaging.
  • 200+ global brands generating $100+ bn in annual revenue optimize messaging with Newristics.

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Well, Mama is not always right!

Newristics is your shortcut to great messaging.

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What is message optimization?

Messages are the essence of a business’s communication strategy and successful brands put a lot of thought into their messaging and how they want to deliver those messages. Message optimization refers to the process of altering the language of messages in a way that maximizes the appeal of the messages among the intended audience.

Why is message optimization necessary?

One cannot undermine the impact messaging can have on a product or brand. Customers make purchase decisions based on a host of value judgments like brand image, performance claims, convenience attributes, price points, social proof, etc. These judgments are shaped not just brand perceptions that customers currently hold but also their reaction to messages to which they are exposed to.

What is heuristics-based message optimization?

Individuals do not necessarily rely on complex processes to arrive at decisions. Rather, they often use decision shortcuts or “heuristics” to help them choose one option over the other. Heuristics-based messaging leverages this predisposition of the human mind to nudge customers towards making purchase decisions. Talking to the dominant heuristics of the customer can make all brand communications significantly more persuasive and Heuristics-based messaging does exactly that to increase the appeal of brand communications.

How is Behavioral Science used for message optimization?

Behavioral science is a field of research focused on how humans make decisions and why they behave the way they do. Behavioral science-based messaging speaks to the dominant heuristics of the target customer with the aim of influencing choices and getting the highest degree of message acceptance. It strengthens brand loyalty, has the highest likelihood of being remembered and enhances the persuasion skills of your communication.

How is AI changing the landscape of messaging optimization?

Ai applications are gaining traction in almost every field imaginable and message optimization is no different. Ai-based message optimization services are utilizing AI to rework marketing messages to deliver campaigns that promise better email open rates, conversion rates, CTRs, and overall increase the ROI on marketing dollars. Such Ai-based message optimization services leverage their databases of millions of messages to create messaging that resonates with the intended target audience.

Why is message optimization critical in the pharma industry?

Whether it’s undertaking new drug launches or refreshing messaging for established drugs, pharma companies need to share sensitive data, including drug efficacy, side effects and cost through messaging campaigns. When it comes to messaging in medical market research, significant effort is focused around building awareness and educating patients and HCPs of the new treatment method so that they can make an informed decision. Additionally, being a heavily regulated industry, pharma companies must navigate a number of strict HIPAA regulations and FDA laws, ensuring that all messaging abides by these limitations.

What role does market research play in message optimization?

Unlike many other industries that can test and optimize messages in-market using A/B testing, the pharmaceutical industry typically tests messages prior to market launch using market research techniques. Medical marketing research plays a very important role in helping pharmaceutical brands optimize their messages before they are launched in campaigns. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative healthcare marketing research techniques, pharmaceutical brands test messages with physicians, patients and payers on a regular basis, often in multiple rounds of testing.