The first and only solution to activate customer
segments using heuristics-based messaging.


Most brands segment their customers, but less than 10-20% use it to successfully activate each segment with customized messaging.


Segment customers based on their decision heuristics

Create messages for each segment using heuristics

Already sitting on a good segmentation, but not using it?

Let XEKUTE make it actionable within weeks!


Look for signal on decision heuristics in existing segmentation research/data.


Use predictive algorithms to apply segment heuristics to the entire customer database.


Create custom message inventories for cross-segment and segment-specific messaging needs.


Identify top 3-5 decision heuristics for each segment, and top 8-10 cross-segment decision heuristics.

XEKUTE delivers message inventories curated specially for segment-based messaging.

Cross-Segment Message Inventory

Segment 1

Message Inventory

Segment 2

Message Inventory

Segment 3

Message Inventory

No existing segmentation?
No problem!

XEKUTE has the first and only heuristics-based segmentation algorithm that combines behavioral science and AI to segment customers.

Segmenting customers based on their decision heuristics produces a more actionable segmentation when compared to attitudinal or behavioral segmentation.

Explains the WHY behind segment behaviors

Captures segment irrationalities

Leads directly to messaging optimization for each segment

XEKUTE segmentation uses first-in-class research techniques to segment respondents on the basis of their decision heuristics.

Bias Signaling in Social Proverbs

Social proverbs are used as a signal for heuristics and used to explain respondent decisions.

Heuristics-Driven Messaging Experiments

Messages are used as a proxy for heuristics that can be used to influence respondent decisions.

Out-of-the-box actionability

XEKUTE delivers a customer segmentation and segment-based message inventories at the same time.

Each message is scientifically optimized to feed or fight a specific heuristic for a given segment.

Actor-observer bias
Patients need to take more ownership of their A1c. PRODUCT X can give them the boost they need.
Diabetes is all about A1c, PRODUCT X is all about A1c control.
Diffusion of responsibility
PRODUCT X…your workhorse after metformin for patients who simply can't control their diabetes.
Empathy gap
Every meal can be a source of anxiety for diabetes patients. Help your patients make progress in their daily battles against diabetes with PRODUCT X.
segment 1
Ambiguity Aversion
PRODUCT X has an established safety profile, which means you know what to expect when it comes to hypoglycemia.
Certainty effect
PRODUCT X has proven its ability to reduce A1c significantly more than Y or Z alone added to metformin.
Familiarity effect
PRODUCT X delivers the efficacy of two well-known and well established classes of drugs.
Rule of consistency
PRODUCT X minimizes blood sugar drops and spikes so patients can achieve reliable, consistent blood sugar stability.
segment 2
Complication bias
One pill. Once a day. With or without food. Adding PRODUCT X can be easy.
Loss aversion
Diabetes patients already miss out on a lot of things. Don't let them miss out on the benefits of PRODUCT X.
Negativity bias
Diet and lifestyle restrictions can affect diabetes patients' lives negatively. PRODUCT X can help bring A1c levels closer to normal.
Status quo bias
Diabetes treatment needs a different approach: More than 55% of T2D patients are not at goal despite being on treatments.
segment 3
Don't just settle for A1c drops. PRODUCT X gives you additional benefits like weight loss and BP reduction without an increased risk of hypoglycemia.
Illusion of control
Make a difference in your diabetes patients' lives by helping them reach A1c goals with PRODUCT X.
Information bias
Studies estimate that high glucagon levels are responsible for as much as 50% of the increase in blood glucose after a meal in T2D.
Overconfidence effect
PRODUCT X provides the power for you to treat your patient with confidence, with reliable and safe A1c reduction.
segment 4

can save you months of unproductive segmentation meetings and workshops!

When segment-based messaging is available on Day 1, you can enter execution mode on Day 2 (and thank us later!).

uses advanced machine learning algorithms to cluster respondents into segments and then project that segmentation to your customer database.

Everything you want from segmentation and more!

Cross-Segment + Within-Segment

Solves for cross-segment and segment-specific messaging.

Explain & Influence

Not only explains segment decisions, but also identifies ways to influence them.

Actionable & Customized

Segments arrive with customized message inventories ready for testing or execution.

Easy and Turnkey

No lengthy workshops, no pre-research, no hypotheses.

can be used to continuously optimize segment-based messaging.

Every time a segment responds to a message, the system learns which heuristics are most effective and creates additional messages written against winning heuristics.